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Anonymous asked:

How many blogs do you run?


Besides this one I own:

plantprincesses - {a blog about cute lil plants and cute lil green things //mostly}
delsinsrowes - {dedicated to everything gaming // I’m on that one the most, honestly}
capsarmy - {the blog where I cry about Marvel}

miraiprincess - {everything anime! //tHIS BLOG MAK ES ME FEE L THINGS}
chrisprattnews - {a newly made blog about stupid Chris Pratt because tbh I’m in love and everything hurts}

Thank you for asking angel, I hope you have a good day/night c:





I want to go to this exact point and run around it saying “I’m in Sweden!” I’m in Finland!” “I’m in Norway!” until I get tired

i aspire to great things in life

According to Google Maps, that point is in the middle of a small lake.

So we’ll do it in January when it’s frozen.

actually that’s why they’ve helpfully dropped a big-ass cement block with a bridge surrounding it in the middle of the lake: for the express purpose of doing what OP aspires to do

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